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A Message to the Muslim Family – Ahmad Sakr

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1) Sending Your Kids Off to College!
2) Why Are You Here In America?
3) Active Youth
4) Getting Married: The Five C’s
5) Respecting Our Mothers
6) Islam’s Role Models
7) Turn to Allah
8) Relax and Smile
9) Paradise Requires Sacrifice
10) The Real Life Insurance
11) What is Your Role in This Life?
12) Is Music Haram?
13) Working at a Liquor Store?
14) Is Reward Reduced For a Barren Womb?
15) Muslim Lobbyists and Ambassadors
16) We Need Living Examples
17) Conclusion

In an energetic and inspiring address, Ahmad Sakr raises many questions relevant to all Muslims who are facing the decaying social, moral and spiritual conditions in America and around the world. He urges the audience to consider the real issues contributing to the breakdown of the Muslim family such as the television and internet, lack of planning, confused priorities, impure intentions and lack of proper knowledge. Other topics discussed: sending children off to college, getting married young, being grateful for the favors of our mothers, what to teach our children, sadaqah jariyyah (a recurring charity), the sunnah of smiling, writing articles about Islam, the need to take action, listening to music, earning money the haram way, role models for our children, Islam at the Vatican, and salat al-Hajah. (Duration: 1 hour, 31 min) Ahmad Sakr was educated at the American University in Beirut and the University of Illinois where he received his PhD. He received his Islamic education through the late Grand Mufti of Lebanon and from scholars in other countries. He was a founding member and president of the Muslim Students’ Association and also a founding member of the World Council of Mosques. He is also president of the Foundation for Islamic Knowledge and has written over 56 books.