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Mission Statement
To produce high quality educational and inspirational content about Islam that can be accessed instantly from anywhere at anytime utilizing cutting edge web technologies.

Islam On Demand has been recording and distributing lectures about Islam since 1995. We are a video production company first-and-foremost. Every title you see in our catalog was professionally recorded by us. We’ve spent thousands of dollars on production equipment so we can provide the highest quality possible. We’ve traveled from Florida to California to Canada to Morocco to record lectures by the most popular speakers. You can purchase these lectures for immediate downloading to your computer, smartphone, mp3 player or tablet through this website. You don’t actually download anything from this website. is simply a portal that allows you to browse the titles that are available for purchase. When you see a title that interests you simply make your selection and you will be directed to the appropriate webpage where you can download the lecture. Currently our lectures are available on iTunes, the App Store, YouTube and Amazon. DVDs, CDs and MP3 discs are also available for mail order purchase.

Islam On Demand was established in 2004 but our efforts actually began long before that. It was in 1996 that our work of da’wah began as MeccaCentric Da’wah Group, a production company seeking to record and distribute high quality lectures about Islam. Over the years we compiled a catalog of over 200 original productions by such speakers as Hamza Yusuf, Siraj Wahhaj and Jamal Badawi. And we’ve been selling these titles on DVD, CD and VHS through this website. But with the advent of online technologies and mobile devices, new distribution avenues became necessary. Instant worldwide access to our catalog would only help us to achieve our goal of da’wah. Hence, the concept of ‘Islam On Demand’ was born and in 2008 we began providing our content to our customers through various ‘on demand’ service providers. On March 19, 2013 the MeccaCentric brand was retired and absorbed into the Islam On Demand brand.

Every lecture in our catalog was produced by us and we own the rights. Each lecture was produced with professional recording equipment which costs money. To insure the continuation of productions in the future, we need your financial support. If you resort to copying, even for da’wah purposes, we will not be able to cover the numerous expenses incurred while providing high quality products for your benefit. Please support our efforts with repeat purchases. If you are interested in giving away our products for da’wah, we can arrange a generous discount for you. © Islam On Demand. All rights reserved. All lecture productions are protected under copyright law.

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