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Al-Fatiha: The Opening of the Heart – Aras Konjhodzic

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1) We Must Cherish Human Relationships
2) We Must Return to Our Most Basic Relationship: Allah and the Qur’an
3) Allah is the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
4) Allah Alone Do We Worship
5) The Greatest Prayer You Can Make? Guide Me!
6) Wisdom Comes Through Humility, Not Arrogance
7) Dialogue, Don’t Debate With Christians
8) Muslims Always Ask God For Guidance

With all the tensions in the post-9/11 world, relations between people, Muslim or non-Muslim, have become greatly strained. To repair these relations we must revisit the fundamental relationship, which is to our Creator. This is made possible through the Holy Qur’an and instead of mere lip-service, we need a sincere application of its teachings. This talk is a tafsir of surah al-Fatiha to show the profound power of this book for guidance.