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Between Islam, America and Modernity: Where is the Straight Path? – Suhaib Webb

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1) Lecture Introduction
2) Don’t Take the Small Things For Granted
3) We Need An ‘Islamicized Rhetoric’ in the English Language
4) Islam is Dynamic Enough to Engage Modernity
5) Moderate Islam: An Islam That Deals With Reality
6) Usul al-Fiqh: Stop Misusing the Texts
7) Respect the Differing Opinions of the Scholars
8) Fatwahs Can Differ Between Time, Place and Situation
9) Yes, There Can Be An ‘American Islam’

Muslims raised in America and the West often struggle with interpretations of traditional Islamic thought in the context of modern day life, culture and predominant philosophies. This is especially true amongst Muslim youth and converts to the religion of Islam. Discussions about fiqh, moderation, akeedah and a so-called “American Islam” can be confusing for most, leading to misunderstanding, discontentment or apathy. Join Suhaib Webb, a convert of over 20 years and an imam trained in the Islamic sciences, as he strives to make clear the straight path for Muslims in these confusing times, and places. How do “Westernized” Muslims deal with the unique issues they face in trying to maintain their faith and practice while remaining as authentic as they can to a culture they grew up in? Is there flexibility in Islam to accommodate certain cultural habits and norms? And is Islam dynamic enough to engage modernity, the concerns of Muslim youth and a non-Muslim society that seems so at odds with its basic beliefs and practices? A fantastic lecture at a 2012 youth conference that may challenge your views about Islam and Muslims in contemporary Western societies. (Duration: 1 hour, 14 min)