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The Concept of Ihsan – Hamza Yusuf

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This lecture is part 6 of a complete series of 7 lectures entitled “Foundations of Islam”. To play each session press the play icon or scroll through them using the NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons below.

1) How the Qur’an Was Revealed and Compiled
2) Pillars of Practice – Part 1
3) Pillars of Practice – Part 2
4) Articles of Faith – Part 1
5) Articles of Faith – Part 2
6) The Concept of Ihsan
7) Signs of the Last Day

To play each chapter for this session press the play icon below.

1) Secularization in the Muslim World
2) The Failure of Political Islam
3) Losing the Spirit of the Law
4) What is Ihsan?
5) How Do We Achieve Ihsan?… Repentance
6) Guarding the Heart
7) Avoid Backbiting
8) Eating Halal / Ascertaining the Hukm (Judgment) / Showing Off
9) Envy
10) Vanity
11) Arrogance
12) The Root of All Misdeeds
13) The Cure For All Misdeeds

In this session, Sheikh Hamza takes a traditional approach to this science based on the teachings he received while studying in West Africa. The result is a rich and refreshing look at exactly how the Muslim goes about making his or her experience in the world a thing of beauty so one can truly contribute to the human condition in a positive way. He begins this discussion by placing the concept of “ihsan” in the context of the contemporary political scene in the Muslim world to show how important this concept is for the proper practice of Islam and what happens when it is neglected. Then he defines “ihsan” and analyzes ways in which the Muslim can go about recapturing the station of “ihsan” enjoyed for so long by the early generations of Muslims. A useful talk for non-Muslims on the topic of Islamic spirituality and a vital lesson for Muslims about how to regain the deeper understanding and appreciation of their own tradition. (Recorded at the Dar al Islam Teachers’ Institute seminar). Other topics discussed: the highest act of making beautiful, the fountainhead of all misdeeds, back-biting, obsession with young age, arrogance, remembering death, and the most hidden of all blessings.