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Deen Over Desire: Building the Islamic Identity – Suhaib Webb

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1) Lecture Introduction: Imam Suhaib’s Bio and a Comment About Desire
2) Who Are We and What is Our Purpose in Life?
3) We’ve Lost Our Sense of Identity
4) Our False Constructs Have Led to Chaos
5) We’ve Lost Our Fitrah
6) We’ve Lost Our Sense of Beauty
7) We’ve Become Materialists
8) Teach Your Kids the Sunnah on Sex, Love and Relationships
9) Sending Your Kids to An Islamic School is Fard in the West
10) Memorize Some Qur’an and Read Ahadith
11) Associate With DYNAMIC Muslim Communities That Embrace Women and Youth
12) Master a Secular Subject That Can Contribute to the Community

Elevating the deen of Islam over personal desire is something that most every sincere and conscious Muslim strives to do. A type of self-purification which requires struggle and commitment, very few possess the knowledge or willingness to begin the journey down such a path. In this session Imam Suhaib Webb lays out the starting point for such a journey, which is the fitrah itself. He suggests that you should first have a clear sense of who you are and what your purpose in life is. Once this takes place your desires should naturally align themselves or even become subservient to the desires of the Lord of the worlds, and your material concerns should be replaced with spiritual concerns. And to this end the imam suggests some of the primary concerns we should have as Muslims such as teaching our kids the sunnah about love and sex, sending our kids to Islamic schools, memorizing some Qur’an and ahadith, associating with dynamic Muslim communities, and mastering a secular subject.