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Don’t Have ‘Fake’ Humility – Alpha-Him Jobe

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This title is a single chapter from a longer lecture. You can watch the full lecture here. To watch other chapters, go to the CHAPTERS tab.


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1) Humility is in the Heart
2) Humility is the Source of Prosperity
3) How to Achieve Humility
4) Remember Death
5) Forgiveness of Sins
6) The Best Actions
7) Reflect Upon the Meaning of the Qur’an
8) Allahu-Akbar: Allah is the Great
9) You Are Pledging Allegiance to Allah Alone
10) Seeking Refuge From Shaitan and Concentrating
11) Learn the Meaning of Al-Fatiha
12) Don’t Have ‘Fake’ Humility
13) Did the Companions Raise Their Voices?