Fulfilling Islamic Obligations – Mohamed Magid

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1) Why This Topic is Important
2) Why Get Married?
3) The Definition of Marriage
4) The Purpose of Marriage
5) Sakinah: The Peak of Marriage
6) Misunderstanding the Concept of Love
7) Garments One to Another
8) Marriage is More Than Physical Beauty
9) Taqwa: The Foundation of Relationships
10) Communication in Marriage
11) Fulfilling Islamic Obligations
12) Building Trust in Marriage
13) Mutual Respect and Mercy in Marriage
14) Anger Management
15) Intimacy
16) The Role of In-Laws
17) Social Life
18) The Issue of Money
19) Examples of the Prophet (P) and Khadijah
20) Expressing Your Love
21) Concluding Bullet Points
22) Most Common Reasons For Divorce
23) Marriage a Distraction From Deen?

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