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Gender Relations: A Battle For the Muslim Youth – Shad Imam

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1) Introduction: Salahuddin Ayyubi
2) Understanding Gender Relations is Critical For the Facebook/Twitter Generation
3) Intentions Are Everything
4) Limits of Islamic Gender Relations: Some Advice
5) Modesty is Much More Than Just Clothes
6) Ilm: Knowledge of the Qur’an is Your Foundation
7) Your Environment Affects Your Behavior

Facebook, Twitter, Skype and email have completely changed the way we communicate and interact. The pen and the voice have been replaced by text messages, photos and videos with a technology that keeps us constantly connected. Such technology has many benefits, but when using it to interact with the opposite sex it can have serious drawbacks, especially for young unmarried Muslims. How do the Islamic rules and etiquettes apply in this modern context? What are some of the limits we can be aware of and adhere to, not only while using this technology but also when interacting in person? Join Shad Imam in this timely youth session and learn the “rules of engagement” between the sexes and the four keys to proper gender relations: intentions, limits, modesty and knowledge.