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Is Jesus a Believer of the Qur’an? – Siraj Wahhaj

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1) The Five Special Prophets
2) Jews, Christians and Muslims: People of Faith
3) God is One
4) The Similitude of Jesus and Adam
5) Muslims Love and Respect the Virgin Mary
6) Jesus: A Servant of God
7) The Miracles of Jesus
8) Did Jesus Die?
9) Jesus Will Return
10) AD: The Year of Our Lord
11) Are You Really Following Jesus?
12) Jesus Did Not Teach the Trinity
13) How Are Muslims Saved Without a Savior?
14) Is Jesus a Believer of the Qur’an?
15) Prayer in Christianity and Islam?
16) What Interpretation of the Qur’an to Follow?
17) Muslims Interpreting the Bible/ Contradictions Within the Gospels?
18) Those That Never Receive the Message of Islam?
19) Al-Fatiha: A Prayer For Guidance