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Islam: A Mercy to Humanity – Jamal Badawi

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1) The Condition of Humanity
2) The Importance of Interfaith Relations
3) Defining ‘Islam’
4) Islam’s Divine Origin
5) Islam’s Universality
6) Islam’s Balanced Comprehensiveness
7) Islam’s Contribution to Civilization
8) Science in the Qur’an
9) Hadith About Fighting People Until They Believe
10) Was There a Corrupt Pre-Human Existence?
11) The Media’s Bias Against Islam
12) Are McDonald’s and Burger King Halal?
13) The Qur’an and Astronomy
14) What is the Purpose and Benefit of Interfaith Dialogue?
15) Is the Big Bang/Evolution Theory Compatible With Islam?
16) Conditions for Repentance to be Accepted by God
17) Are Contemporary Christians Considered People of the Book?
18) Is Allah Everywhere?
19) How to Recapture the Golden Age of Islam
20) The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
21) Speed of Light, Extraterrestrial Life
22) Is Arabic a Dead Language? And Seeking Provisions
23) Is Music Haram?
24) Recommendations to Youth Faced With Temptation
25) The Sun Rising in the West
26) Is Homosexuality Genetic?

A simple and structured presentation about Islam suited for non-Muslims. After defining Islam and its objective, Jamal Badawi outlines four main reasons why Islam can be considered a mercy to humanity: 1) Its divine origin, 2) Its universality, 3) Its balanced comprehensiveness, 4) Its contribution to civilization in the areas of science, medicine and mathematics. This university lecture is then followed by an extensive question and answer session that covers these topics: the hadith about fighting people until they believe, the authenticity of the Qur’an, the possibility of pre-human intelligent life on Earth, the media’s attitude towards Muslims, can Muslims eat non-zabihah meat, astrological exploration and discoveries, the purpose of interfaith dialogue and how Prophet Muhammad (P) dealt with it, the big bang and evolution, God’s mercy and forgiveness, whether or not People of the Book include Christians who believe in the trinity, terrorism and extremism, how to recapture the “Golden Age of Islam”, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, extraterrestrial life, is Arabic a dead language, is listening to music prohibited, recommendations for youth faced with temptation, the influence of TV, the sun rising in the West, and the question of homosexuality as an inherited trait. (Duration: 1 hour, 39 min)