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Islamic Fundamentalism: A Threat to America? – Siraj Wahhaj

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1) Lecture Introduction
2) What Does ‘Fundamentalism’ Mean?
3) The Rapid Growth of Islam in America
4) Why Muslims Are Your Friends
5) Islam: A Gift and A Mercy to Humanity
6) Islam and Other Religions Do Not Teach Terrorism
7) The Media Bias Against Islam
8) Good Muslims Are Not a Threat
9) Respect of Muslims
10) Why Do Muslim Women Cover?
11) Treatment of Muslim Women
12) What is the Real Threat?
13) Is There Racism In Islam?
14) The Difference Between Shi’ite and Sunni Islam?
15) Democracy in Islam
16) Saddam Hussein?
17) Muslim Patriotism

In a very deliberate fashion, Imam Siraj explains why the American people should not fear Muslims but instead should embrace them. Islam is growing in America at a tremendous rate and certain interest groups are very concerned because of what the Muslim represents. What is it about a Muslim that is considered a threat to those in positions of authority? The answer may surprise you as this lecture answers that very important question. It also exposes the double standard present in the media and their portrayal of Muslims today. The speaker also shares with the audience the many Islamic beliefs and practices that are common to Christians and Jews to illustrate the completeness of Islam’s teachings. A great talk for non-Muslims who may have preconceived notions of what Islam teaches and how Muslims live their daily lives. Other topics discussed: women’s dress in Islam, censorship, racism amongst Muslims, the difference between Sunni and Shi’ites, nepotistic rule, Saddam Hussain and the U.S. foreign policy on Iraq.