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Istikhara Prayer – Ahmad Sakr

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This title is a single chapter from a longer lecture. You can watch the full lecture here. To watch other chapters, go to the CHAPTERS tab.


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1) The Prerequisites of Dua and How to Call Upon Allah
2) The Dua of Prophet Ayoub (P)
3) The Dua of Prophets Zakariyyah, Noah and Jacob (P)
4) When Will Allah Answer My Dua?!
5) Dua in Sajdah and Prolonging the Sajdah
6) Asking a Pious Person to Make Dua For You
7) Making Dua to a Dead Person: Shirk?
8) The Best Time to Make Dua
9) Who’s Dua is Likely to be Accepted?
10) Pray For People to Be Guided, Not Cursed
11) Don’t Make Shirk With Allah
12) Dua For Sickness
13) What to Say at the Graveyard
14) Are Women Allowed in the Masjid?
15) Ethics in Counseling: Don’t Be Alone, Don’t Share Secrets
16) Istikhara Prayer