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Let’s Be More Thankful Muslims – Ayden Zayn


Sometimes We Take Many Luxuries For Granted and We Complain Too Much
Ingratitude is Closely Related to Disbelief
Three Ways to Show Gratitude
How to Increase Gratitude? Look to Those Who Have Less Than You
My Near-Death Experience and the Gratitude That Resulted

Ayden Zayn is a White-American convert to Islam. Born into a non-practicing Jewish family, he was raised with an open mind to God and religion. At the age of 19 he was introduced to the Qur’an and the Islamic teachings. Over a period of three months, his fascination and curiosity compelled him to analyze deeper and compare his family’s “religion” to Islam, as well as other major faiths like Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism. And on December 16, 1991 he made the decision to embrace Islam.

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