Men Have a Degree Over Women? – Munir El-Kassem

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1) Pre-Modern Europe’s Ignorant View of Women
2) Male and Female Originated Creation
3) Confusion: Does ‘Equal’ Mean ‘Identical’?
4) The Islamic Standard is the Basis For Comparison
5) Never Be Embarrassed of Islam
6) Sacrificing Your Family For Your Career!
7) The Crisis of the American Family
8) Understanding Our Roles in Society
9) Was Adam Created First?
10) Sisters Speaking in Public
11) Sisters Without a Wali: How to Seek a Spouse?
12) Marrying Four Wives?
13) Role of Muslim Women in Da’wah?
14) Why Muslim Women Cannot Marry Non-Muslims?
15) Men Have a Degree Over Women?
16) Modesty in Entertainment? / Make-up and Perfume?

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