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Muslims Under Siege – Abdullah Hakim Quick

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1) Khutbah Opening
2) The Qur’an as a Criterion
3) The Struggle in Kosovo
4) The Struggle in the Sudan
5) The Struggle in Algeria
6) Where is the Help of Allah?
7) The Conspiracy Against Muslim History in Ancient America
8) Muslims in the Melting Pot
9) A Cover-Up in the Media
10) We Must Unite!!
11) Dynamic Leadership and Relevant Institutions
12) A Great Legacy of the Prophet (P): 3 Axioms
13) Closing Dua

Long before the terrorist attacks of September 11th, Abdullah Hakim Quick proactively prepares the Muslim community with a moving khutbah meant to deal with the fallout of such a momentous and tragic day. With keen foresight and anticipation, he looks at the concept of “furqan” (criterion) with the hope of strengthening the hearts of the believers in the face of stereotyping, profiling and widespread negative perceptions of Islam. But this criterion is not for everyone because it has certain pre-requisites that must be met for it to be effective. So what must we do, or not do, to make ourselves worthy of Allah’s help at a time when the entire Muslim ummah is under siege? Other topics discussed: Kosovo, Sudan, Algeria, pre-Columbus Muslim presence in the Americas, lack of shame, the movie “The Siege”, leadership, and relevant institutions. (Duration: 42 min) Dr. Quick was born in the U.S. and accepted Islam in 1970. He pursued his studies at the Islamic University of Madinah where he graduated and received an ijaza from the College of Da’wah and Islamic Sciences. He later completed a Masters Degree and a Doctorate in African History at the University of Toronto. He has served as imam, teacher and counselor in Canada, the U.S. and West Indies. He has traveled to over 51 countries on research and educational tours.