Our Attitude Towards Non-Muslims – Abdul Malik Mujahid

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1) Examples of Good Attitudes Towards Non-Muslims
2) Your Non-Muslim Neighbor
3) Respond in a Way That is Better
4) Masjids Need to Be Open and Welcoming to Non-Muslims
5) Work With Non-Muslims Through Common Causes
6) Is It Haram to Deal With Non-Muslims?
7) Can We Take Non-Muslims as Friends and Are They All ‘Kafirs’?
8) Prophet Muhammad (P) Prayed For Non-Muslims
9) Prophet Muhammad (P) Never Had Hatred For Non-Muslims
10) Prophet Muhammad (P) Was Merciful Even to His Enemies
11) Prophet Muhammad (P) Worked With Non-Muslims
12) The First Pillar of Islam is the Life of the Prophet (P)
13) Every Masjid Should Have a Da’wah Budget
14) Take Command of Yourself

Brother Abdul Malik implores the audience to consider our communication, or lack thereof, with non-Muslims and looks at the true Islamic teaching in this area. This lecture is a great reminder, especially for Muslims living amongst non-Muslims, of this ummah’s duty and responsibility to have a healthy and correct attitude towards those who do not share our faith. He looks at some good and bad examples of individual attitudes and collective attitudes and focuses much of his talk on the Prophet (P) and his dealings with non-Muslims.

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