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Practical Steps to Coordinating Our Efforts – Shaker Elsayed / Siraj Wahhaj

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1) Coordination Comes Before Unity
2) Multi-Culturalism
3) The Varied Fiqh Views
4) Ethnic Diversity
5) Diversity in Knowledge
6) Difference in Priorities
7) Unbalanced Attitudes
8) People Should Feel Welcome in the Masjid
9) Growth and Progress Take Time
10) Fear of the Unknown
11) Our Leaders Are Not Our Employees
12) Arrogance
13) Practical Steps to Coordinating Our Efforts
14) This Ummah is One Ummah
15) Majlis Ashura (Consultative Council of Masjids)
16) Coordinating National Conferences
17) Islamic Schools Must Be Free
18) We Must Adjudicate Our Own Legal Matters
19) We’ll Never Succeed Without Unity
20) How to Solve the Ethnic Divide
21) Can Muslims Call Jews Their Brothers?
22) Da’wah to the Nation of Islam
23) Establishing a True Brotherhood
24) Closing Remarks

A panel presentation by two active and experienced Islamic workers in America. Shaker Elsayed outlines the hurdles to coordination and provides the prescription for successful coordination. Siraj Wahhaj shares with the audience his dream of centralized leadership and the real possibility that it can be accomplished in a relatively short period of time. What must Muslim communities do to make this dream a reality? (55 min)