Balancing Deen in the Social Scene – Mohamed Magid (DVD)




The modern secular world serves up a wide variety of leisure activities, escapes and entertainment options. From theater to music to games to movies, human beings have always sought to entertain themselves. But some Muslims seem to have difficulty reconciling Islam with having fun. Did Prophet Muhammad (P) have fun, joke or laugh? Can Muslims have fun while maintaining their Islamic principles? Are all movies and music haram? Get answers to these questions and more in this session which provides some practical guidelines when it comes to entertainment and general conduct on the social scene. Learn about the value of building relationships and family time, the value of sports, having priorities straight, and living a balanced life. An ideal talk for the whole family and Muslims of all ages. Other topics discussed: resisting peer pressure and fornication/adultery, how to be frank with guys without crossing the line, turning fun into worship through intention, being aware that Allah is always observing you, and resolving conflicts between parents and children.

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