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Compassion: The Only Way to Achieve a Peaceful World – Karen Armstrong (DVD)


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Advocate for Islam and world-renowned author Karen Armstrong presents her “Charter For Compassion” and why it’s critical for individuals as well as organizations to adopt its spirit and its principles. She discusses the universal nature of compassion and how the mission of Prophet Muhammad (P), at its very core, was one of love and compassion for others. To support her argument she looks at two events in the early history of Islam: the hijrah and the treaty of Hudaibiyah. What do these two watershed events tell us about ourselves? And how do they help us to become more compassionate human beings? Other issues discussed: A “fascist” streak to many Europeans, how to make compassion a part of daily life, the need for compassion to be advocated by leaders, learning to live with one another in peace, the decline of the Muslim empire and how to recapture it, and how even the smallest deed of compassion can make the greatest impact.

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