Culture Clash: Immigrant Muslims Raising Children in the West – Yasir Qadhi, Mohamed Magid and Abdul Rafaa Ouertani (DVD)




Second-generation Muslims in America or Europe: do you appreciate and respect the views and experiences of your parents? Do you realize that they have your best interests in mind? Immigrant Muslim parents struggling to raise children in the West: did you really expect your children to retain the culture of your homeland? Are you trying your best to understand their culture and to provide an atmosphere of love and comfort, as opposed to criticism and disdain? In many cases we find the answers to these questions in the negative and the unfortunate result is a clash that pits family members against one another in a deeply emotional struggle over identities, priorities and cultures. Is this dilemma unsolvable, or are there concrete steps that elder immigrants and indigenous youth can take to help narrow the gap between them? Join in this panel discussion and learn very practical ways to address the matter from both perspectives. Some of the issues discussed: the parents’ unique love for their own children, making dua for one another as a means for increasing the love, reflecting on the struggles of parenthood, allowing children to be free-thinkers, realizing that parents may not always be the best advice-givers, arrogance before the elders, open communication and trust, the problem of emphasizing culture over religion, the example of Prophet Muhammad (P), the priority of marriage over schooling, parents as friends, and women and children in the masjid. (Duration: 1 hour, 58 min)

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