Dialogue Between Civilizations: Muslims and the West – Khalid Blankinship (DVD)




A highly intellectual lecture ripe with historical, political, and geographical references that outlines the interaction of Muslims with the Western world in the 20th century. After first defining the potentially problematic terms “civilization” and “the West”, Dr. Blankinship provides a background for this immense topic by focusing mainly on the political interaction between Muslims and the West. He accomplishes this by discussing map distortions, world powers and the spread of colonialism, and the subsequent struggles for independence. After articulating the events of World War II, the speaker looks at the Muslim world in the context of America’s dominance today and the challenges faced by Muslims in moving forward on the world stage. The idea of inter-religious dialogue is analyzed along with the role of technology in the political, social, and ideological spheres. And the speaker sums up this thought-provoking talk by stating his position on interaction, its objective, its benefits, and its necessity. Recorded at the Dar al Islam Teachers’ Institute seminar.

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