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In the Footsteps of the Prophet (P): Peace in Troubled Times – Hamza Yusuf (2 DVDs)


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A series of three lectures at the University of Toronto celebrating the life of Prophet Muhammad (P). In the first lecture “The Best of Creation”, Hamza Yusuf comments on the Burdah, a famous poem eloquently praising the Prophet (P). Through its beautiful words and meanings, Imam Hamza reflects upon the amazingly selfless and noble qualities of the last messenger, making clear why he is revered as the best of all creation and why we should increase our love and praise of him. Muhammad Shareef follows with “Reviving the Deen”, a lecture about the method of tajdeed, or revival. He covers the significant aspects of this science by analyzing the meaning of tajdeed, its principles and its purpose. He also looks at the mujadid (reviver), conditions for their legitimacy and their ultimate responsibility. Imam Hamza then concludes with the keynote address in which he implores the audience to consider the major crisis of our time: the disillusion of the human soul itself. He then presents a program based on a hadith in which the Prophet (P) said, “I was sent to perfect noble character.” In this context, he outlines the two primary concerns of the Muslim, the heart and the limbs, and the need to follow in the footsteps of the Prophet (P) by utilizing his divinely-inspired methodology to guard them. (Duration: 2 hours, 46 min)

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