Islam, World Peace and September 11th – Jamal Badawi (DVD)




Jamal Badawi presents the balanced and normative Islamic views on many of the pertinent issues challenging Muslims in the post September 11th world. He discusses the concept of peace in Islam, tolerance in the Qur’an, extremist Muslims, Islamic guidelines for war, and how to properly combat the frenzy of Islamophobia and widespread stereotyping. He then elaborates on the “cut-and-paste” approach to interpreting the Qur’an, a tactic often utilized by self-styled experts and the media. He also looks at the mythical concept of “holy war” and the misunderstood injunction to “slay the unbelievers”. And in perhaps the most important part of his talk, he presents clear evidence from the Qur’an and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (P) that show how Islam forbids all acts of terrorism. This lecture is ideal for Muslims seeking the proper perspective on how to handle this sensitive subject with co-workers, family and friends. A great presentation for non-Muslims meant to dispel misconceptions that may result from a lack of information or steady exposure to a particular media’s bias about Islam. Also good for any Muslims harboring extremist views. Other topics discussed: coexistence with non-Muslims, plurality in Islam, and the silver lining of September 11th. (Duration: 1 hour, 14 min)

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