Jews, Christians and Muslims: Responsibilities After September 11th – Ako Abdul-Samad (DVD)




An “Islam Awareness Week” lecture at Iowa State University that takes a look at the situation facing the various religious communities in the turbulent post 9/11 world. The speaker outlines how September 11th changed things for Muslims living in predominantly non-Muslim lands. His presentation emphasizes that those of the Abrahamic tradition must take the responsibility to educate themselves about one another more than ever before. Providing the Islamic perspective on interfaith relations, he comments on several verses from the Holy Qur’an that enjoin tolerance, respect and righteousness. This passionate and motivating talk also looks at the various challenges from within the Muslim community such as respecting the woman’s right to speak about Islam and the issue of not truly understanding each other’s culture. Other topics discussed: the need to collaborate with other organizations, and how Muslim youth should respond to those who mock them. (Duration: 44 min) Ako Abdul-Samad is the founder of Creative Visions Human Development Center. He directed functions such as Employment Assistance Support Services, Community Development and Advocacy, and Consultancy on Culture and Diversity Education, and also published the book “A Deeper Truth, Revelations of the Soul”.

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