Men Are From Marwa, Women Are From Safa – Lisa Killinger and Ako Abdul-Samad (DVD)




The popular book “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” is the inspiration for this panel about gender relations and challenges within a Muslim marriage. As the title suggests, it sometimes seems as if men and women come from two different planets! After outlining a few of the basic differences between genders, Lisa Killinger looks at the common ground upon which men and women can build a solid foundation for a successful marriage. What practical things can we do to work through the differences and come to a better understanding and appreciation of our spouses? What are the core characteristics of an “Islamic” marriage? And how are each other’s rights and responsibilities a tool that can be utilized in attaining happiness? Ako Abdul-Samad follows with the suggestion that our problems actually begin before the wedding; that we don’t adequately prepare ourselves for the life-altering step of marriage. He emphasizes the need to follow the instructions in the Qur’an of building solid relationships. He also looks at the problem of the breakdown in communication between genders. Other topics discussed: the virtue of sex within marriage, divorce as an outlet, talking about sex, same-sex marriage, extended family as a support, sexuality in Islam, and the need to mentor. (Duration: 1 hour, 15 min)

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