Reconciling Hearts and Healing Wounds Between Believers – Jamal Badawi / Siraj Wahhaj (DVD)




Disunified hearts and ill-feelings for one another are at the root of many of the problems plaguing the Muslim ummah today. Kindness, forgiveness, love and compassion for the fellow believer are lost on many of us. If we truly want the pleasure and satisfaction of our Lord we must change our attitude, recognize the goodness in others, and strive to adopt the virtue of loving each other for the sake of Allah alone. Jamal Badawi and Siraj Wahhaj, along with Asma Hanif and Shaker Elsayed, share their thoughts and experiences on this panel meant to provide the keys to reconciliation and healing. They discuss the many levels of reconciliation, the indigenous vs. immigrant dilemma in the West, the permissibility of differing priorities, and the importance of knowledge and purification. Other topics discussed: shelters for Muslim women, making a distinction between Muslim practice and Islamic teaching, arrogance, the hadith about one part of the body aching, diversity and plurality as a positive thing, having one unified vision, Imam Siraj reconciling with W.D. Muhammad, and a lesson learned from sickness.

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