Reforming American Society – Amir Ali and Rasha al-Disuqi (DVD)




As the population of Muslims in America increases, so does our influence to make a change for the better in this society. After first discussing the unity of the Muslim ummah and the present situation, as the speaker describes, of a “cold war” against Islam, Dr. Amir Ali outlines some basic steps to begin the monumental task of reform. What practical things can we do to bring ourselves to the forefront and transform our image from the very often misunderstood and stereotyped minority in this country to that of a community that offers the solution for the problems facing humanity? Sister Rasha then shares her thoughts on this topic with the underlying theme of not taking a defensive stance despite our condition but rather to become active in society and do something to at least contribute to change. She makes many thought-provoking recommendations and emphasizes that Muslims need to penitrate the various areas of society and have an input Islamically. Among the many areas she covers: parental difficiency in educating the children, Islamic “sex” education, family values, foreign policy, and working with intellectuals in society.

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