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Rights of Muslim Women and Their Potential For Impact – Rasha al-Disuqi and Aminah Assilmi (DVD)


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Rasha al-Disuqi begins by analyzing the Muslim woman’s goal in the U.S. and compares it to that of the secular feminist movement. She provides an overview of the rights granted to women in Islam and sheds light on the benefits to society when these rights are applied. Sister Rasha provides a fresh perspective by looking at seven key rights that Islam affords women in the context of modern society. She also deals with many issues that are often misunderstood by many, including Muslims, such as the woman’s responsibility of da’wah, her participation in society, the hadith about women’s deficiency, the degree of men over women, and her voice as awrah (a type of nakedness). Aminah Assilmi tackles the misconceptions about Muslim women and explains that if Muslims want to have an impact, they have to take seriously how they relate to people and how Islam is conveyed to them. Can we confidently answer their questions about “wife-beating” in the Qur’an, polygamy, and why Muslim women cover their heads? Other topics discussed: the different roles of men and women, women reciting Qur’an publicly, women wearing hijab with tight clothes, women as politicians, women going out of the home for leisure and work, how the Prophet (P) treated his wives, and the hadith about women in Hell. (Duration: 1 hour, 49 min)

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