The Role of Muslim Women at the Time of the Prophet (P) – Sulayman Nyang (DVD)




In his patented style, Dr. Sulayman Nyang begins this lecture by contextualizing the subject matter so that the audience may understand it in a much more profound way. He relates the seerah to the present time by looking at the social, cultural, and historical context into which the Prophet (S) emerged in Arabia. He then analyzes the role and place of women in “jahiliyah” society and the transformation that was brought about by the Prophet (S), showing how the view of women shifted from the ignorant pre-Islamic times to the noble time of the Prophet (S). The traditional understanding of the family is discussed and this is compared with the concept of family today. Furthermore, the way in which men and women related to each other in the time of the Prophet (S) is examined as well as the relationship between the Prophet (S) and his wives, his daughter Fatimah, and other women. Among other things, the speaker effectively shows that women were, indeed, actively involved in the community and in the revolutionary movement of Islam in Mecca.

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