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Reliance on Allah: The Cure For An Ummah in Crisis – Abdal Hakim Murad

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1) People Are in a State of Agitation and Insecurity
2) What Elevates Humans Above the Rest of Creation?
3) Islamic Theology vs. the Problem of Evil
4) Contentment in the Lives of the Prophets
5) Self-Righteousness
6) Weakness Today is Understandable
7) Mercy: A Necessary Virtue in Modern Times
8) Contentment Must Be Part of Our Core
9) Muslims Know the Road Back Home
10) Scholars Are Our Guides
11) Muslims Still Believe
12) Strength in Numbers
13) This is an Age of Renewal
14) What Really Matters is a Sound Heart
15) We Must Be Optimistic
16) Rid’ah is Instinctual

In a serene courtyard of a madressah in Northern New Mexico, Abdal Hakim Murad sits down for an informal address on the topic of having peace and contentment with the decree of Allah. He reflects upon his experiences of the ummah over the years and describes how it became apparent that Muslims in modern times are neglecting this traditional virtue, thereby causing widespread agitation and insecurity. Whereas previous generations cultivated this virtue to their own success, today’s ummah seems to be neglecting it to their own demise. Abdal Hakim, a British convert, probes the matter in-depth and shows how the absence of contentment in one’s life can lead to serious defects such as self-righteousness, anger and suspicion of others. The more widespread effect of such a void is an ummah lacking direction, unity and credibility on the world stage. This shrewd observation serves as a great starting point for individual revival and, on the collective level, prescribes the perspective necessary for prevailing over the tribulations facing the ummah today. Other topics discussed: Islamic theology vs. the problem of evil, contentment in the prophets’ lives, the virtue of mercy, scholars as guides, strength in numbers, optimism, and the need for having a sound heart. (Duration: 1 hour, 4 min)