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Seven Keys to Safeguarding the Self – Mokhtar Maghraoui

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This lecture is part 3 of a complete series of 4 lectures entitled “Islamic Psychology of the Self”. To play each session press the play icon or scroll through them using the NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons below.

1) The Inner Struggle of the Self
2) Various States of the Self and Cultivating Its Good
3) Seven Keys to Safeguarding the Self
4) The Balanced Nature of the Prophet (P)

To play each chapter for this session press the play icon below.

1) The Importance of Purifying the Self
2) How We Actually Help Shaitan Enter Into Our Hearts
3) The Eyes
4) The Ears
5) The Tongue
6) The Stomach
7) The Sexual Organ
8) The Hands and Legs
9) The Importance of Knowledge
10) Everything is Recorded
11) Modesty and Affection in Front of Children
12) Is Music Haram?
13) The Self’s Influence on Actions

For the third installment in a series dedicated to introducing the science of “purifying the self”, Imam Mokhtar covers one of the most fundamental aspects of this subject and that is the ability of Shaitan to corrupt our hearts and the need for us to be on constant guard against this. Ironically, the way we allow him to corrupt our hearts is through the very character attributes that WE choose to have and especially how we utilize our seven bodily senses (the eyes, ears, tongue, hands, legs, stomach, and sexual organs). This thought-provoking lecture should inspire one to re-examine his or her own daily conduct and to question and investigate his or her own inner state that results from this use (or misuse). This lecture is necessary for all Muslims because it is essential for the ‘nafs’ (the core of the human being) to attain a purified balance so that one can have a sound state of the mind which leads to sincere and wholesome conduct.