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The Crusades – Abdal Hakim Murad

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This title is a single chapter from a longer lecture. You can watch the full lecture here. To watch other chapters, go to the CHAPTERS tab.


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1) Muslim Control Over the Trade Routes
2) Muslim Settlements in the Northern Mediterranean
3) Arab Goods Imported By Europe
4) The Early Arab Muslims as a Great Maritime Nation
5) The Muslim Influence on Agriculture and Mining
6) The Muslim Influence on Music and Poetry
7) The Introduction of Paper Into Europe
8) The Muslim Influence on Science, Mathematics and Medicine
9) The European Perspective on Muslim Influences
10) The Role of the Jews
11) 12th Century Appreciation of the Arabic Sciences
12) The Muslim Influence on Astronomy
13) The Muslim Influence on Medicine
14) The Muslim Influence on Philosophy
15) The Political Ramifications
16) The Crusades
17) The Guitar, The Origin of Zero and Large Caravans
18) Stereotypes Go Both Ways
19) The Crusader Army