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The History of Islam In America – Sulayman Nyang

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1) The American Experience of Immigration
2) The Pre-Columbus Phase
3) The Arrival of Columbus to Slavery
4) The Coming of the Immigrants to America
5) The Domestication of Islam in America
6) Islam in America: Institutionalization and Consolidation
7) The Dar al Islam Institution
8) The Three Categories of Muslims in America
9) Perception of American Muslims as Terrorists
10) How Does Farrakhan View Sunni Muslims?

Sulayman Nyang, a professor at Howard University and author of “Islam in the United States of America”, identifies the periods in which Islam gradually came to the attention of the American non-Muslim society. He does this by accounting for the various waves of Muslims making their way to America and the great impact they’ve had. These “waves”, or stages of evolution of Muslims in America, are five: the Pre-Columbus explorers and settlers, the importation of slaves, emigration to the “new world”, converts and native-born Muslims, and the institutionalization of Islam in America. Delivered at the Dar al Islam Teachers’ Institute in New Mexico, this talk provides a wealth of information in the form of names, dates and events and is an invaluable resource for any “Islam In America” enthusiast. Other topics discussed: states with large Muslim populations, the perception of Muslims as terrorists, and how Farrakhan views sunni Muslims. (Duration: 1 hour, 34 min) Dr. Nyang is a professor of African Studies and codirector of Muslims in the American Public Square, a research project funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts. He has served on the boards of the African Studies Association, the American Council for the Study of Islamic Societies and the Association of Muslim Social Scientists.