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The History of Islam in India and Southeast Asia – Sulayman Nyang

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1) Islam Spreads Into India
2) Indian Muslims and Their Superiority Complex
3) Muslims Engage in Cultural Exchange in India
4) The Development of Islamic Learning in India
5) The Silk and Spice Route: Islam Spreads Into China
6) The Dispersal of Muslims Throughout China
7) The Iranian Influence on Muslims in China
8) Chinese Authorities Warm Up to the Muslims
9) Malay and Indonesian Muslims Claim Arab Descent
10) Islam Spreads Into Indonesia
11) Islam Spreads Into Malaysia
12) Islam Spreads Into Thailand
13) Islam Spreads Into Vietnam
14) Islam Spreads Into Cambodia
15) Southeast Asia: At the Forefront of Industrialization in the Muslim World
16) Interfaith Coexistence: Less Tense in Southeast East
17) Muslims in the Philippines

In this speech given at the Dar al Islam Institute in New Mexico, Sulayman Nyang captures the history of the Muslim experience in Central, South and Southeast Asia. Traveling Muslim armies and trading expeditions gave rise to the spread and development of Islam in this part of the world many centuries ago. And although the distinct cultures, languages and dynasties that existed in this region all presented various barriers for Islamic development they also presented many opportunities. Learn the fascinating history behind the knowledge transfer between the Arab Muslims and the Hindus, Chinese and other Asians from language blending, cultural adaptations, building of Masjids and other community establishments. How did the coming of Islam affect these groups and influence what we now see in Asia today?