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The Male/Elder Dominant Mentality – Mohamed Magid

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This title is a single chapter from a longer lecture entitled “Re-Inventing the Mosque For Our Children”. This lecture is available for purchase only. Select your purchase option from the three buttons above. Please note that most of our titles are free. However, we restrict a few titles to purchase only in order to offset operating costs. Your support is appreciated! To view all premium titles click here.

Adolescence is a complex time full of uncertainty and change. On top of that, Muslim youth in the West have to deal with the ignorance and pressures from the non-Muslim society at large. Often being labeled as evil or oppressed, our youth face innumerable obstacles on their path to becoming productive members of society. Should not the mosque be a refuge for them, aiding them in their struggles and accommodating their needs? But the reality is that many Muslim youth view the mosque in a far different light. This ISNA convention panel addresses this problem. Learn how we can practically strive to meet the needs of our youth by providing facilities, programs and services that truly cater to them. Fresh and informed perspectives are shared by a panel consisting of an imam and family counselor (Mohamed Magid), a youth organizer and activist (Amal Ali), an Islamic school principal and educational consultant (Habeeb Quadri) and a professor and lawyer (Janaan Hashim). A wonderfully insightful session for parents, imams, administrators and educators who need to be aware of the youth culture and how best to reconcile it with Islamic values. Other topics discussed: compartmentalization as a coping strategy, dealing with negative influences of the computer, and the hip-hop culture. (Duration: 1 hour, 17 min)