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The Mind, Body and Soul Are Closely Linked – Abdal Hakim Murad

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This title is a single chapter from a longer lecture. You can watch the full lecture here. To watch other chapters, go to the CHAPTERS tab.


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1) I Am Not a Scholar
2) The Process of Education
3) The ‘Fall’ of Adam is Actually an ‘Ascent’
4) The Abandonment of Ishmael and Hagar Leads to Reclamation
5) The Apparent Triumph of Modernity Has Not Extinguished Allah’s Mercy
6) Modern Muslims Have Forgotten the Quality of Mercy
7) Muslims Must Understand Modern Western Civilization
8) Signs of Allah Have Distracted Many From Allah
9) Religion Cannot Definitively Prove Anything
10) The Mind, Body and Soul Are Closely Linked
11) Muslims Are Beauty Producers
12) Hope Through Repentance
13) We Should Pray For Non-Muslims
14) A Dynamic Picture of the Cosmos
15) Humans Require Revelation For True Education
16) The Roots of the Modern Western Educational System
17) Historical Transformations of Western Culture and Education
18) Modern Education: Deconstructing Tradition
19) The Essence of the Human Being
20) Learning is Returning to Allah