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The Principles of Homeopathy / Trauma Therapy – Hakim Archuletta

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This lecture is part 6 of a complete series of 6 lectures entitled “Natural Health and the Islamic Tradition”. To play each session press the play icon or scroll through them using the NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons below.

1) An Introduction to the Principles of Hikmah
2) Introduction and Autobiography / The Loss of Traditional Medicine
3) Foundations For Medicine: Understanding the Four Humors
4) Recovering Feeling and Sensation
5) Coming to Our Senses
6) The Principles of Homeopathy / Trauma Therapy

To play each chapter for this session press the play icon below.

10) Hakim’s Experience With Medicine as a Child
11) The Nervous System
12) Impulse and Unfulfilled Actions
13) We Feel With Our Entire Being
14) Dialoguing With the Nervous System Through Sensation
15) Hikmah is a Proof
16) Practical Ways to Dialogue With the Nervous System
17) Children Releasing Their Charge
18) Vestibular Memory
19) Must You Be Conscious of the Memory
20) Healing Comes By Allah’s Grace
21) Reconnecting With Nature
22) Reconnecting With Each Other
23) The Prophet (P) Was the Model For Us
24) Islam: The Last Deen

Renowned natural healer and Muslim convert Hakim Archuletta takes you on a journey into a wonderfully refreshing perspective of natural health. Whether you are a health professional, serious student of alternative medicine, or simply seeking a more fulfilling spiritual and healthy life, this series is for you. What are some ways that our modern lifestyle has affected our health? What is the significance of hamd (praise) and shukr (thanks) in our physical health? What can we do to achieve wholeness and reconnect with ourselves, our Creator and creation? And why is this important for real health? The speaker answers these and many other questions during this three day seminar. Many fascinating topics are explored such as new approaches to trauma therapies, energy medicine and the four humors. He explains the concept of hikmah (simple truths), the principles of ‘prophetic’ medicine and shares anecdotes from his years as a healer. This seminar is full of eye-opening information that may change the way you look at all medicine and your health. Hakim reveals ‘secrets’ of healing, exposes the modern conspiracy against health and places natural healing within the context of the Islamic tradition. He also demonstrates practical exercises which can help in becoming a more whole and healthy human being.