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The Prophet (P) Was the Model For Us – Hakim Archuletta

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This title is a single chapter from a longer lecture. You can watch the full lecture here. To watch other chapters, go to the CHAPTERS tab.


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10) Hakim’s Experience With Medicine as a Child
11) The Nervous System
12) Impulse and Unfulfilled Actions
13) We Feel With Our Entire Being
14) Dialoguing With the Nervous System Through Sensation
15) Hikmah is a Proof
16) Practical Ways to Dialogue With the Nervous System
17) Children Releasing Their Charge
18) Vestibular Memory
19) Must You Be Conscious of the Memory
20) Healing Comes By Allah’s Grace
21) Reconnecting With Nature
22) Reconnecting With Each Other
23) The Prophet (P) Was the Model For Us
24) Islam: The Last Deen