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The Qur’an, Science and the Last Day – Munir El-Kassem

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1) Lecture Introduction
2) Islam is a Proof of Science
3) There’s No Fear in Pursuing Knowledge
4) Belief in What is Not Understood
5) Belief in the Last Day
6) The Sun Will Rise in the West
7) The Earth Will Be Engulfed in Smoke
8) The Moon Will Split in Half
9) Three Major Earthquakes
10) Vivid Descriptions of the Last Day
11) The Oceans Will Be Set on Fire
12) The Sun Will Be Folded Up
13) The Universe Will Be Folded Up
14) We Must Share the Truth
15) The Speaker is Making Observations, Not Proclamations

A fascinating and compelling examination of certain apocalyptic verses in the Holy Qur’an that describe five major cosmological events immediately preceding the Day of Judgment. Munir El-Kassem puts you on the edge of your seat as he explains past, present and future natural phenomenon that coincide with precise descriptions in the Qur’an. From a practical scientific perspective, discover exactly how the following signs will occur: the sun rising in the West, the Earth being engulfed in smoke, the moon splitting in half, the oceans being set on fire, and the sun and universe being folded up. Not only is this lecture a great reminder of the last day, but it also serves to increase our faith in the Qur’an as the true revelation of the Creator of the universe. Other topics discussed: Islam as a proof of science not vice-versa, the pursuit of knowledge, earthquakes, electrolysis, and the big-bang theory. (Duration: 1 hour, 7 min) Munir El-Kassem has been involved in da’wah through interfaith dialogues and lectures, and is the author of many Islamic books. He was educated at Al-Maqasid Islamic Institute and graduated from the University of Toronto as a dental surgeon. After years of general practice he joined the University of Western Ontario as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.