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The Qur’an Was Transmitted Orally – Khalid Blankinship

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1) Lecture Introduction
2) The Revelation Event
3) The Self-Referential Nature of the Qur’an
4) Western Skepticism of the Transmission of the Qur’an
5) Was the Qur’an Written By Professional Scribes?
6) Was the Qur’an Written on a Scroll?
7) The Qur’an Was Transmitted Orally
8) The Writing Down of the Qur’an
9) Was the Qur’an Edited?
10) The Qur’an is Not a History Book
11) How Does the Qur’an Compare With the Bible as a Message of Mercy?
12) Muslims Relations With Polytheists?
13) How Would One Dispose of the Qur’an?
14) Literalism vs. Interpretation?