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The Science of Shari’ah – Hamza Yusuf

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1) Human Ritual and Custom vs. Shari’ah
2) The Power of Religion: Submission
3) The Reemergence of Shaitan
4) Shari’ah is the Protection / Defining Freedom in Islam
5) Superstition / The Preservation of Life
6) The Preservation of Lineage
7) The Preservation of Wealth
8) The Preservation of Intellect
9) The Preservation of Honor
10) Matters Are Based on the Intentions
11) Certainty is Not Lost Due to Doubt
12) Difficulty Necessitates Facilitation
13) Harm is Removed
14) Norms Are Binding

Join the halaqa and take part in this discussion about the basic objectives of Islamic law. In the mountains of Northern New Mexico at the world famous Abiquiu Madressah, Hamza Yusuf elaborates on the six elements that shari’ah seeks to preserve in society. Part of the widely popular Deen Intensive program, this session is an opportunity to see a unique side of Imam Hamza within the context of an informal and interactive study group. After a comprehensive look at how shari’ah preserves the deen, this session covers five other areas: the preservation of life, lineage, wealth, intellect and honor. Other topics discussed: religion vs. ritual, the power of superstition, morality, the permissibility of adoption, changing one’s name upon converting to Islam, punishment for theft and adultery, public/private education, and extremism. (Duration: 1 hour, 47 min) Hamza Yusuf became Muslim in 1977. He traveled to the Muslim world and studied for 10 years in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Africa, receiving teaching licenses in various Islamic subjects from several scholars. He founded Zaytuna Institute, which has established an international reputation for presenting a classical picture of Islam in the West and which is dedicated to the revival of traditional study methods and the sciences of Islam.