The True Spirit of Islam – Siraj Wahhaj

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1) Trusting in Allah
2) Don’t Be Arrogant Like Shaitan
3) Working and Planing For the Future
4) The Spirit of the Prophets
5) Give Back to Allah!
6) You Are Better Than Me!
7) Having Good Intentions
8) Fundraising

An energetic, moving lecture that asks the audience to be self-reflective, humble and sincere in faith. Have we learned the lessons from Shaitan’s arrogant fall from grace? Do we have the proper attitude that would ensure success for our family, our community and our own self? And are we truly implementing the spirit of Islam’s teachings in our daily lives? Another motivating, captivating address by Imam Siraj that is ideal for anyone seeking to become more conscious and fearful of Allah. A great lecture for rekindling the spirit of all Muslims, young and old! Other topics discussed: trust in Allah, working for the future, the spirit of the prophets, sacrifice and charity, and having good intentions. (Duration: 58 min) Siraj Wahhaj, imam of Masjid Taqwa, is well known among Muslims in North America as a dynamic, motivational speaker and tireless supporter of Islamic causes. He accepted Islam in 1969 and received imam training at Ummul Qura University in Makkah. He is the former vice president of ISNA and has served on the Majlis Ash-Shura since 1987. He has appeared on several national talk shows and interviews, especially about his anti-drug campaigns. He received high praises from the media and the New York Police Department for initiating anti-drug patrols in Brooklyn in 1988.

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