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What Is Ihsan? – Alpha-Him Jobe

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1) Ihsan is Part of Our Akeedah
2) Worship Should Be a Continuous Habit of the Muslim
3) Remember That Allah is Watching You at All Times
4) Angel Gabriel Came to Teach You
5) What is Deen, Shari’ah and Fiqh?
6) Ihsan is Kindness With Everyone and Everything
7) Kindness to Children, Disbelievers and Animals
8) Kindness to Parents
9) Eating Garlic Before Coming to the Masjid
10) More About the Hadith of Gabriel
11) How to Worship Continuously?
12) Obedience to Non-Muslim Parents?
13) Ihsan to Scholars

A very useful lecture for any Muslim seeking to better themselves in everyday life by developing a more noble character and personality. The late sheikh, Alpha-Him Jobe, outlines the concept of ihsan and how it should impact the Muslim’s conduct and attitude. He emphasizes that we need to cultivate within our very nature the consciousness of Allah, for this will bring the believer tremendous benefits. But where do we begin this process of the establishment of ihsan and how exactly do we go about doing it? Other topics discussed: the hadith of Gabriel, kindness, naming your children, and ihsan to non-Muslims.