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Why Are Tattoos Forbidden? – Suhaib Webb

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1) How Should You Behave With Your Fiance?
2) If You Cannot Get Married, Fear Allah!
3) Elders: End the Racism and Allow Your Children to Get Married!!
4) Can Guys and Girls Just Be Friends?
5) Helping Hijabis Understand Proper Hijab and Its Purpose
6) Should I Tell My Fiance or Wife About My Past Sin of Fornication?
7) The Wisdom of Islamic Rules Regarding Gender Relations and Marriage
8) The Confusion Between Culture and Religion
9) Parents: Stop Being Hypocrites to Your Children
10) How to Deal With a Stubborn Parent Who Rejects My Choice of a Spouse
11) Advice For Divorcees and Widows Trying to Remarry
12) Voting and Political Participation: Halal or Haram?
13) What’s the Best Methodology For Seriously Studying Islam
14) Can You Wipe Over Cotton Socks?
15) How Do We Make the Most of Ramadan?
16) Why Are Tattoos Forbidden?
17) Must Converts Remove Their Tattoos or Inform Their Potential Spouse?