Why the World Exists – Abdal Hakim Murad

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1) Faith vs. Reason: Can There Be An Islamic Philosophy?
2) How Is God to Be Known?
3) Free Will vs. Determinism
4) The Problem of Evil
5) Why the World Exists
6) Why Human Beings Exist
7) Hima: The Longing For Return
8) Overcoming Heedlessness
9) Thikr and Fikr
10) The Daily Prayers as a Thikr
11) Other Formulas of Thikr
12) Wird: A Collective Thikr
13) The Spiritualizing Effects of Thikr
14) The Whirling Dervish
15) The Use of Music in Spiritual Healing
16) The 99 Names of God as a Thikr
17) Irshad: Spiritual Guides
18) Fakr: The Obligation of Poverty
19) Differences in Medieval Muslim and Christian Conceptions of Renunciation
20) Tuwakkuh: Reliance on God
21) The Final Stages of the Spiritual Journey

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