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Winning Our Children Back to Islam – Jeffrey Lang

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1) Islam Starts With Ourselves: Opening Remarks by Aminah Assilmi
2) Where Are the Invisible 75%?
3) What Do the Muslim Youth Think About Islam?
4) Cultural Clash: The Mistreatment of Muslim Women
5) The Intellectual Divide: Rationalism vs. Tradition
6) We Must Make the Message of Islam Relevant For Today
7) Why Are Our Children Suspicious of the Hadiths?
8) We Must Answer Our Children According to Their Level of Thinking
9) We Must Allow For Freedom of Speech and Dissenting Opinions
10) We Must Separate What is Cultural From What is Essential
11) Why Are We Obsessed With All These Rules!
12) The Older Generation Must Support the Younger Generation
13) Questions and Answers

A critical lecture that addresses a problem plaguing Muslim communities that many don’t want to talk about: the cultural, intellectual and generational divide in the masjid. Jeffrey Lang, a white-American convert of over 25 years, warns of the drastic consequences of such a divide. He shares many insightful anecdotes, including his own first-hand experiences, and the sad outcomes such as lethargic attitudes, non-Muslims being turned away from the masjid, and converts leaving the religion altogether! What exactly is the problem? Dr. Lang explains that on one side are the immigrant elders who run the masjid and on the other side are the indigenous Muslim youth who, along with many women and converts, often cannot relate to their message and methodology and feel repulsed from the masjid. He pleads for radical introspection and implores us to look at the root causes of this divide. Are we really following the sunnah? Perhaps our leaders need to shed the “back-home” mentality and return to the Meccan model in how the masjid is run. The speaker challenges those who claim to follow true Islam and offers practical advice for those contributing to the clash between the surrounding culture and the religious sub-culture that dominates the masjid. One of the most important talks you will ever hear! (Duration: 1 hour, 34 min)