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A Happy Muslim Marriage: Advice For Those Searching, Newlyweds and Couples in Conflict – Ayden Zayn


Whether you’re searching for that “perfect” spouse, engaged and getting ready for marriage, or you’re already married but having a difficult time, this khutbah is a must. Ayden Zayn shares very practical and realistic advice that is based upon his own experience, and upon the guidance provided by the Qur’an and Sunnah.

We Need to Talk About Why Many Muslims Are Not Happy in Marriage
Dating, Sex and Misbehaving Before Marriage: Do You Expect Allah’s Blessings?
No Dating in Islam? Then How Do We Get to Know Each Other?
Finding Your Spouse on the Internet: A Few Quick Tips That May Help
Arranged and Forced Marriages: Pitfalls That Parents and Couples Need to Be Aware Of
Happiness in Marriage Begins With Honest Communication BEFORE Marriage
Marriage Brings New Responsibilities: Are You Ready For That?
Marriage is Not 100% Bliss! Recognize That Occasional Difficulties Are Normal
The Dangers of Resentment: Never Go to Sleep Angry at Your Spouse
If Your Spouse is Going Through a Difficult Time, Help and Support Them!
Always Remember to Turn to Allah and Seek His Blessings and Guidance
Never Resort to Emotional or Physical Abuse With Your Spouse
In-Laws Can Cause Big Problems in Our Marriage

Ayden Zayn is a White-American convert to Islam. Born into a non-practicing Jewish family, he was raised with an open mind to God and religion. At the age of 19 he was introduced to the Qur’an and the Islamic teachings. Over a period of three months, his fascination and curiosity compelled him to analyze deeper and compare his family’s “religion” to Islam, as well as other major faiths like Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism. And on December 16, 1991 he made the decision to embrace Islam.