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Islam: The Best Remedy For Stress, Anxiety, Regret and Depression – Ayden Zayn


A look at how each of the six articles of faith in Islam can serve as a way and means for preventing and healing stress. Please note: This khutbah is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. If you’re experiencing depression, including thoughts of suicide, you should seek professional help immediately.

Many Americans Are Not at Peace
Islam Brings Us Peace When We Internalize It
How Do Islam’s Articles of Faith Bring Us Peace?
Firm Faith in Allah’s Plan is a Key to Achieving Peace

Ayden Zayn is a White-American convert to Islam. Born into a non-practicing Jewish family, he was raised with an open mind to God and religion. At the age of 19 he was introduced to the Qur’an and the Islamic teachings. Over a period of three months, his fascination and curiosity compelled him to analyze deeper and compare his family’s “religion” to Islam, as well as other major faiths like Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism. And on December 16, 1991 he made the decision to embrace Islam.