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Can You Explain Why Islam is Better Than Christianity or Judaism? – Ayden Zayn

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1) The Three Most Important Questions You Will Ever Be Asked
2) Is Your Islamic Faith and Practice Secure?
3) Can You Logically Explain Why Islam is Better?
4) The Greatest Day of My Life
5) Why is Islam Better? Illogical Answer #1: “Islam is the Truth, No Need to Question It”
6) Why is Islam Better? Illogical Answer #2: “The Noble Character of Prophet Muhammad (P)”
7) Why is Islam Better? Illogical Answer #3: “The Miracles of Prophet Muhammad (P)”
8) Why is Islam Better? Illogical Answer #4: “Islam Teaches the Absolute Oneness of God”
9) Is Feeling Peace at the Masjid a Proof That Islam is True?
10) Why is Islam Better? Illogical Answer #6: “Muslims Are So Nice”
11) Why is Islam Better? Illogical Answer #7: “The Qur’an Has So Many Beautiful Teachings”
12) Why is Islam Better? Illogical Answer #8: “Muslims Pray Five Times a Day”
13) Why is Islam Better? Illogical Answer #9: “The Muslim Ummah is So Diverse”
14) Are “Miraculous” Signs in Nature a Proof of One Religion Over Another?
15) Illogical Answers Are the Bricks, Not the Foundation
16) The One Logical Reason Why Islam is Better
17) Does the Unique Arabic Recital of the Qur’an Make Islam Better?
18) What About Contentions That the Qur’an Has Not Been Preserved?
19) Now That We Understand Why Islam is Better, What is Our Responsibility?

Muslims, Christians and Jews all believe their religion to be the truth and the better way of life. Through dialogue and debate, each may attempt to make the case for their respective faith. What argument can be made on the behalf of Islam? Why is Islam better? While it is true that Islam has many wonderful qualities and teachings, do these necessarily make it a better and a more valid way of life? In this passionate and deeply personal khutbah, Ayden Zayn submits that many Muslims don’t know the right answer, from a purely logical standpoint, to the fundamental question of what distinguishes Islam. So he challenges Muslims to reflect and ask… why Islam? In giving his own answer, he recalls the monumental day when he was faced with figuring it all out, exactly 25 years to the day, when he uttered his shahadah and embraced Islam. Realizing that the correct logical answer was the key to securing his faith, he was determined to find it and build a rock solid foundation for his Islam. Follow his logic as he demonstrates how there is truly only one reason why Islam is better than Christianity or Judaism, or even Hinduism or Buddhism. What is your answer to the question of “Why Islam?” and, more importantly, is it logically sound?